Diving into mobile app development, your choice of framework can truly make or break your app's success. Lately, numerous businesses have been eyeing the possibility of transitioning their current mobile apps to Flutter, Google's much-acclaimed cross-platform framework. So, what should you be mindful of, and what benefits can you expect from such a move? In this article, we'll shed light on these crucial points, providing practical insights to aid you on your migration journey.

Key Considerations for Migrating to Flutter

Key Considerations for Migrating to Flutter
Key Considerations for Migrating to Flutter

Analyzing the current app

When considering migrating to Flutter, an important initial step is a comprehensive analysis of your current mobile app. Assessing the app's structure, user interface complexity, and functionality can give you a clear idea of the migration's scope. It's particularly critical if your app heavily relies on native platform-specific features or intricate third-party service integrations, which might require significant effort during the Flutter migration process.

Platform support

Understanding Flutter's platform support is another key consideration. Flutter extends comprehensive support for iOS and Android. However, if your app targets other platforms like Windows or macOS, you need to ensure Flutter can meet these needs. As per Google’s Flutter FAQ, Flutter supports Android 4.1 and newer, and iOS 9.0 and newer, encompassing a wide range of devices.

Certain projects

It's important to note that not all projects might be suitable for this transition. For instance, apps that heavily rely on advanced features such as Augmented Reality (AR), specific hardware sensors, or neural networks might face challenges during the migration. This is because Flutter, while robust, may not yet fully support these advanced technologies or may require additional plugins and packages that could add complexity to the migration process. It's crucial to engage with a knowledgeable Flutter development team to assess whether your project is a good fit for Flutter migration.

Developer expertise

The need for developer expertise in Dart, the programming language used by Flutter, is another significant factor. Dart is relatively straightforward to learn, particularly for developers familiar with JavaScript. But for a seamless transition and optimal utilization of Flutter's capabilities, the development team needs a deep understanding of Dart and the Flutter framework.

In essence, migrating to Flutter is not a trivial task. It demands a thorough analysis of your current app, a clear understanding of the platform support Flutter provides, and substantial expertise in Dart. These are crucial elements to consider to ensure a successful transition to Flutter.

Benefits of Migrating to Flutter

Benefits of Migrating to Flutter
Benefits of Migrating to Flutter

Faster development and maintenance

A paramount advantage of transitioning your existing mobile app to Flutter is the prospect of expedited development and maintenance. The hot-reload feature enables developers to visualize code changes in real-time, accelerating the development process remarkably. Furthermore, managing a single codebase for various platforms diminishes the overall effort and costs tied to app maintenance.

Consistent UI and UX

Flutter's promise of a consistent user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) across diverse platforms is a significant attraction. The framework is equipped with an array of pre-built widgets and an immensely customizable UI, ensuring a uniform, seamless experience for your users, irrespective of their chosen platform.

Improved performance

Flutter apps are translated into native machine code, leading to a superior performance level relative to other cross-platform frameworks. Consequently, your app users will relish faster loading times and smoother navigation, enriching their overall experience.

Reduced costs

The shift to Flutter can notably curtail development and maintenance expenses. The single codebase strategy implies that you're essentially acquiring two (or more) apps for the cost of one, liberating resources for other crucial aspects of your business.

Successful apps built with Flutter

Several prestigious apps, like Google Ads, Alibaba, and Reflectly, have been developed leveraging the Flutter framework, demonstrating its capacity to deliver high-quality, cross-platform apps. For further examples, do visit our article on the Top Famous Apps Built with Flutter Framework.

Our company's expertise in Flutter development

At What the Flutter, our forte lies in building robust, scalable, and aesthetically pleasing cross-platform apps using the Flutter framework. Our seasoned developers comprehend the complexities of transitioning existing apps to Flutter and are equipped to help your business exploit its advantages while minimizing potential disruptions. We've had the privilege of successfully steering numerous apps through the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition while enhancing their performance.

Our expertise is rooted in our deep understanding of Dart and the Flutter framework. Staying abreast of the latest updates and improvements, we're committed to ensuring your app fully leverages everything Flutter brings to the table - from the hot-reload feature to its diverse range of pre-built widgets.


Choosing to migrate your existing mobile app to Flutter is a strategic decision that can yield a plethora of benefits like faster development, uniform UI and UX, enhanced performance, and cost reduction. But bear in mind, a successful migration hinges on a thorough analysis of your existing app, a clear understanding of Flutter's platform compatibility, and the technical expertise in Dart.

By unlocking the potential of Flutter, your app can evolve into a more streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly asset for your business. Keen on digging deeper? We encourage you to check out our article on Why Flutter is the Ultimate Choice for Your Next Project's Success.

Get in touch with us to uncover the opportunities that Flutter can offer you!

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