Flutter Web: A Brief Overview

Flutter is a new revolution in the cross-platform frameworks for developers all over the world and successful businesses. It does not stop to inspire us with possibilities, considerably simplifying and speeding up creating IT products. Originally designed for mobile app development, Flutter has broadened its scope to encompass web development, aptly named Flutter Web.

The swift rise in popularity of Flutter Web among both developers and businesses can be attributed to its capability to deliver a consistent user experience across various platforms, while substantially reducing development effort and expense. This potent blend has contributed to its increasing adoption in the realm of web development.

Flutter Web Influence on Web Development

Flutter Web Influence on Web Development
Flutter Web Influence on Web Development

As a relatively recent entrant in the web development sphere, Flutter Web has already created a significant impact. Its distinct approach to cross-platform development allows developers to build responsive, high-performing web applications that offer a uniform user experience across various devices and platforms.

Built-in Progressive Web App (PWA) Support

One of the standout features that sets Flutter Web apart is its native support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWAs bridge the gap between web and mobile applications, offering app-like experiences through the web. They're fast, dependable, and work well even when offline or when network connectivity is poor. With Flutter Web's PWA support, developers can effortlessly build PWAs, ensuring top-notch performance and user experience across various platforms while taking advantage of the extensive web technology ecosystem.

Latest Features: Embedding Flutter in HTML

A recent addition to Flutter Web's toolset is the ability to incorporate Flutter components directly into HTML. This feature, which was demonstrated at a recent meetup, allows developers to smoothly integrate Flutter widgets with existing HTML content. This provides the flexibility needed to create powerful, interactive web applications. By enabling such integration, Flutter Web further establishes itself as a versatile and comprehensive solution for modern web development.

The Dart2Wasm Compiler: A Game-Changer in Performance

Another exciting development in the Flutter Web world is the ongoing work on the Dart2Wasm compiler. Once finished, this compiler will allow the conversion of Dart code into WebAssembly (Wasm), an innovative binary instruction format designed to offer near-native performance on the web. With the Dart2Wasm compiler, Flutter Web applications will be capable of achieving performance levels that outdo those of leading JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue.

This has the potential to revolutionize web development, positioning Flutter Web as a top contender in the quest for the most effective, high-performing web development framework.

In conclusion, Flutter Web's native PWA support, the capability to embed Flutter components in HTML, and the upcoming Dart2Wasm compiler make it an even more attractive option for both businesses and developers.

Benefits of Flutter Web for Businesses

Creating a Unified User Experience with Flutter Web

One of the most notable advantages of Flutter Web is its capacity to establish a consistent user experience across various platforms. Using Flutter Web, developers can craft applications that offer identical appearance, functionality, and performance on different devices and platforms, ensuring a smooth experience for users. This is particularly crucial for businesses, as it enhances customer satisfaction and fosters brand loyalty.

Reduced Development Time and Costs

Flutter Web's unified codebase approach allows developers to repurpose code across platforms, resulting in a substantial decrease in development time and costs. This enables businesses to enjoy swifter market entry and reduced expenses, providing them the opportunity to invest in other aspects of their operations.

Improved Maintainability and Scalability

Employing a singular codebase for various platforms also offers businesses the advantage of better maintainability and scalability. Rather than handling distinct codebases for each platform, businesses can concentrate on preserving and updating a single codebase. This approach not only streamlines the maintenance process but also facilitates scaling the application to accommodate an expanding user base or incorporate new functionalities.

High-Performance Applications

Flutter Web empowers developers to build top-performing applications with fluid animations and transitions, delivering an immersive and enjoyable user experience. This is especially crucial for businesses aiming to differentiate their applications in a competitive market and leave a lasting impression on users.

Access to a Growing Community and Rich Ecosystem

As Flutter Web gains traction, its surrounding community and ecosystem are also flourishing. The enthusiasts from all over the world join the community to develop the framework, create new open-source tools, organize and attend meetups with 60k specialists involved, actively participating in them. This offers businesses access to an abundance of resources, including an extensive selection of third-party packages, plugins, and tools designed to expedite the development process. Additionally, the expanding community of developers and enthusiasts provides support, facilitates knowledge sharing, and fosters collaborative opportunities.

Passionate Flutter developers for hire

A team of passionate Flutter developers grow alongside the technology and have a deep understanding of the framework, enabling them to efficiently implement any feature you desire in your Flutter-powered app with high quality. But with the technology being relatively new, finding a skilled developer team that can utilize all of the advantages of the Flutter framework can be a challenge. Thus, it's crucial to give careful attention to this aspect.

At What the Flutter, we have a team of Flutter developers who were trained in our own WTF Lab. When you work with What the Flutter, you can be confident that you are getting a team of Flutter experts who are passionate about their projects and have the knowledge and experience to deliver high-quality apps.

Numerous renowned applications have been developed using the Flutter framework, demonstrating its capacity to create striking, high-performance apps. Some examples can be found in our article about popular apps built with Flutter. These applications exemplify Flutter's ability to craft seamless user experiences across various platforms and devices.

Let's take a look at some case studies of successful implementation of Flutter Web in business projects.


iRobot, the renowned robotics company recognized for its Roomba robot vacuum cleaners, employed Flutter Web to build an interactive website for its new Terra robot lawn mower. Through the website, customers could observe the mower in action, explore its features, and locate a retailer to buy it from. You can learn more about iRobot showcase and it's results.

iRobot Uses Flutter to Expand Access to Coding
iRobot Uses Flutter to Expand Access to Coding


Rive utilized Flutter Web to develop a web-based version of its design and animation tool. With this implementation, users were able to conveniently access the software from any device with a web browser, which significantly enhanced accessibility.

Bringing interactive animations to Windows using Flutter


Supernova, a design-to-code platform, used Flutter Web to create a web-based version of its software. This allowed designers and developers to work together seamlessly on the same project, improving efficiency and collaboration.

Supernova used Flutter to build their collaborative web app for designers and developers.
Supernova used Flutter to build their collaborative web app for designers and developers.


Superlist utilized Flutter Web to develop a web-based version of its task management application. This enabled users to effortlessly access their tasks from any device with an internet connection, providing greater convenience to those who require switching between multiple devices.

Rethinking task and project management with Flutter


Reflection, a mental health and wellness app, used Flutter Web to create a web-based version of its app. This allowed users to access the app from any device with a web browser, making it more convenient for users who prefer to use their laptops or desktops for mental health and wellness resources.

Reflection.app scales their business with Flutter
Reflection.app scales their business with Flutter


The rising popularity of Flutter Web signals a fundamental shift in web development. As businesses and developers persist in recognizing the advantages of Flutter Web, we can anticipate a spike in cross-platform applications offering cohesive user experiences and high-performance interactions.

If you're evaluating Flutter for your upcoming project, our article on Why Flutter is the Ultimate Choice for Your Next Project's Success delves into the benefits of this robust framework. Integrating Flutter Web into your development approach can help diminish development time and expenses, enhance maintainability and scalability, and produce captivating user experiences across various platforms. Supported by a thriving community and an extensive ecosystem, Flutter Web is set to leave a lasting mark on web development and redefine the future of cross-platform applications.

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