The mobile app development community has warmly welcomed Google's Flutter UI framework, thanks to its cross-platform compatibility and extensive collection of open-source libraries and plugins. Flutter's remarkable performance and user-friendliness have rapidly made it a top choice for numerous developers. In our earlier articles, we explored "Why You Should Consider Flutter for Your Next Project" and compared "Flutter vs React Native: Which Framework Wins in 2024?"
Due to the several flutter libraries and tools, this framework helps reduce development time while extending the language’s efficiency. Also, a few features, such as HTTP calls, help save quality time for mobile app developers and business owners.

In this article, we will dive into the top Flutter & Dart libraries and packages that every developer should know in 2024. These libraries and packages will help you create stunning apps with less effort and make your development process smoother.

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State Management Libraries


Provider is a widely-used state management solution in the Flutter community. It simplifies the process of managing app states and allows for easy access to data throughout your app. It works well with small projects and has excellent documentation. Learn more about Provider.


Riverpod is a more advanced state management solution. It offers better flexibility and safety compared to Provider, making it suitable for complex projects. Riverpod is a popular choice for those looking to create more robust and scalable applications. Find out more about Riverpod.


GetX is a streamlined and high-performance library that seamlessly integrates state management, dependency injection, and route management into a single package. This allows developers to write concise code while maintaining a neat architecture, which in turn simplifies project management and scaling. With a thriving community and comprehensive documentation, GetX proves to be a beneficial resource for any Flutter developer. Delve deeper into GetX.


Flutter_bloc is a popular package for implementing the BLoC (Business Logic Component) pattern in Flutter applications. This library helps you separate your app's UI from its business logic, resulting in clean and maintainable code. With a strong focus on testing and a large community, Flutter_bloc is an excellent choice for any Flutter project. Find out more about Flutter_bloc.

Networking Libraries


Dio is the most popular Networking Library. It is a powerful HTTP client for Dart, allowing you to make network requests and handle responses with ease. It has several built-in features, such as interceptors, global configuration, FormData, request cancellation, and more. Dio makes it easy to manage your app's API calls and is a must-have for any developer working with network communication. Check out for more information about Dio.


Chopper is another HTTP client for Dart, specifically tailored for Flutter apps. It focuses on making API calls more straightforward and cleaner by using code generation. Chopper also integrates seamlessly with the Provider and Riverpod libraries for smooth state management. Learn more about Chopper.

Storage Libraries


Hive is a lightweight and high-performance NoSQL database for Flutter apps. It is written in pure Dart and offers excellent performance, even on low-end devices. Hive is easy to use, with a simple API and support for encryption.

By leveraging the IndexedDB storage system for web applications, the Hive package now provides a consistent experience across all platforms, including Android, iOS, desktop, and web. Developers can now enjoy the same simple, efficient, and high-performance local storage solution for their Flutter web applications. With its continued maintenance and recent support for Flutter web applications, Hive has solidified its position among the best Flutter and Dart packages in 2024. Learn more about Hive.


Drift is a powerful and flexible SQLite library for Dart and Flutter applications. It enables developers to work with databases in a type-safe and intuitive manner. With Drift, developers can create and interact with databases using Dart's expressive language features, such as async/await and streams. Drift's syntax is easy to understand and closely aligned with SQL, making it a popular choice among developers looking for a reliable and efficient database management solution. Find out more about Drift.

Animation Libraries


Lottie is a JSON-based animation file format that enables designers to ship animations on any platform as easily as shipping static assets. They are small files that work on any device and can scale up or down without pixelation. Find out more about Lottie.

Example of using Lottie
Example of using Lottie


Rive, previously recognized as Flare, is an impressive design and animation solution that flawlessly works with Flutter. This tool enables the creation of vector animations and interactive app features without requiring extra plugins. Thanks to its real-time editing functionality, Rive simplifies the process for developers to generate and refine animations directly within their applications. Learn more about Rive.

Example of using Rive
Example of using Rive

Dependency Injection



Get_it is a user-friendly service locator designed for dependency injection in Dart and Flutter apps. It provides an uncomplicated method for obtaining services and instances across your application without requiring context. With its simple setup and independence from code generation, Get_it has become a favored option for developers seeking an easy and lightweight approach to dependency management. For additional details, visit Get_it page.


Flutter_bloc is a popular package that merges the strengths of Bloc, a state management library, with the ease of dependency injection. Developers can conveniently handle their app's dependencies and enjoy top-notch state management features using Flutter_bloc. The package enables the creation of Bloc instances that come with built-in dependency injection support, allowing for the efficient provision and access of dependencies across your app without depending on a separate dependency injection package.

Summing Things up

As Flutter's reach and popularity continue to broaden, so does the variety of packages accessible to developers. The packages showcased in this article exemplify some of the best Flutter and Dart packages in 2024. By utilizing these tools, you can develop more efficient, maintainable, and visually striking applications, enabling you to concentrate on providing the ultimate user experience.

Stay vigilant of the ever-evolving Flutter landscape, as innovative and captivating packages are constantly being introduced.

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